We already know we need to use specialized cookware for our induction ranges and cooktops. Sometimes it means separate frying pans and sometimes it means a cookware set that, because of our budget, we couldn’t get with the tempered glass lids. For example, the first induction compatible cookware I started with, had normal lids made of the same stainless steel material as the rest of the pots and pans.

Hot Handles With Induction Cooking

If you are using normal lids, like the stainless steel ones I used on my first tramotina set of cookware, because it is magnet just like the rest of the cookware, the induction range would not only heat up the pot itself but also the lid when it was on it. For better or for worse, the lids use the same magnetic material as the rest of the pot, meaning it heats up as well.

Tempered Glass Lids

When I got my second set of pots and pans, they came with tempered glass lids. The surrounds had magnetic material, but because the handle was isolated from the rest of the cooktop, then the only way to transmit heat, is through the bolts in the bottom of the tempered glass. I found that unless it was for several hours (making pasta sauce for example), then the handle stayed cool.

I don’t have a lid for my induction compatible frying pan

My first two frying pans were by All-Clad. They were great little pans and for the most part I used them for frying eggs and little things. But there were times I wanted a lid to do things like make sunny side eggs or even pan frying dumplings. The pan lids I had didn’t seem to fit perfectly so instead I found the following lids below.

This two pack was really inexpensive and it has everything you could want. The two sizes fit pans anywhere between 7 inches and 12 inches. They have a tempered glass so you can see inside as it is cooking. And even if the lid warms up, the handles are also made of silicon, which means they stay cool to the touch. These are especially useful for using with a cast iron pan since those never seem to come with lids.


I have only found two issues. And part of that comes down to quality control. In particular, some people have had the glass permanently fog. And while it fogs, you can still use them and see through them. It is just kinda annoying. The other issue has to due with the silicon surrounds. Most lids that come with your cookware set have a stainless steel or aluminum surround which keeps it rigid. These are made with silicon. So while it seals nice and tight, on some pans you will see the middle will sink in on some pans.

Can work on high heat

The covers are designed to go in the dishwasher so they can take some heat. That being said, I would not necessarily put these in the oven. I am not sure if the silicon will stand up to 400 degree temperatures . To me, these are a great replacement for things you are using on the stove top. Use a standard dutch oven with a fitted lid when it is going in the oven.