About Us

The idea for induction cooking facts came to me after I started researching induction cooking ranges. My wife and I bought a new condo, and bought one that needed a decent amount of work. So we redid the counters, floors and the appliances in our kitchen. Because it was a condo, I was stuck on what I could put in. 

Ultimately I had to do a lot of work figuring it all out. Ironically, the appliance sales person didn’t let me know the pitfalls such as having enough power and sizing properly. So I know if I had these questions, others would have them as well.

My goal is to provide you my insight on induction cooking and what I think you need to know. If you are wondering, I use a KitchenAid slide in range with matching, microhood microwave, french door fridge and dishwasher.

Any questions or if you would like to provide items for me to test and write about, you can reach me on the contact page.