If someone has spent the money on an induction range you can be pretty confident that they are someone who enjoys to cook. And if there is one thing a cook needs is things like tongs and other kitchen supplies. And after working in my own kitchen and in friends and relative, then i have found great tons and ones that aren’t great. So below we will go over the best tons for every day use.

General Use Tongs

If you can only have one set of tongs in your kitchen the set below is the first and foremost set you should have. Oxo makes great products with a fairly high quality control in their products. And since they are 12 inches long they give you a long reach. The silicon inserts make them comfortable to use for all the cooking that goes. And the wide paddles make it easy to pick up lots of things.

Silicon tipped tongs

Small tongs with silicon tips are useful. Whether we are talking about mixing salads, serving items at a buffet or moving things around in a non-stock pans. Normally you need a whole set of them so those below are a group of five to give you a lot of flexibility for cooking.

Meat Tongs

If you have ever been to a korean BBQ restaurants you wll know the smal tongs they have that are great for moving around small pieces of meat and vegetables. Whether you are grilling and BBQing out door or need to flip bacon in the pan, these asian style tongs are a great addition to your tool drawer.

Cooking Tweezers

Ask any high end chef and they will probably tell you the cooking tweezers are a great addition to your arsenal of tools. Whether we are talking about flipping delicate things in the pan or placing microgreens on a plate, tweezers give you maximum control of food placement. The set below has two. One could be a replacement for the meat tongs, but the fine ones are what the michelin star chefs use for plating.


These 4 sets cost less than $100 for all of them and will serve you for years to come. They make great gifts as well. The old school looped tongs we used to use when I was a kid are no longer one any of us use. What do you think? Is there a set of tongs you think I missed? Leave a comment below.