In the expansive world of nonstick frying pans, the OXO Softworks 3-Layered Nonstick Frying Pan has captured the attention of discerning home cooks, and its allure extends particularly to those who rely on induction cooktops. The market is brimming with options. Just look through amazing and there are thousands of pages of frying pans. Finding an induction compatible and high-quality frying pan is key for individuals with induction stoves. Induction range owners tend to cook more than the average person so having good quality cookware is of up most importance to those owners.

This detailed review, we will delve into the nuanced features, benefits, and considerations of the OXO Softworks Nonstick Frying Pan, with a keen focus on its performance for induction range users.


Advanced 3-Layer Nonstick Coating:

If you are cooking eggs than you know non-stick is key. And the Oxo frying pan doesn’t miss. This frying pan has an advanced 3-layer nonstick coating. This innovative design ensures a seamless cooking experience, allowing for easy food release and minimizing the need for excessive oil or butter during culinary endeavors. This feature not only simplifies the cooking process but also promotes healthier meal preparation. I use ours to cook eggs, fry bacon and even panfry a steak in butter.

Durable Construction:

Crafted with heavy-gauge aluminum, the OXO Softworks Frying Pan boasts a robust and durable construction. This not only ensures longevity but also facilitates even heat distribution. The elimination of hot spots contributes to uniform cooking results, addressing a common concern among home cooks aiming for precise and consistent culinary outcomes. Built. Into the base is an induction compatible piece of metal but unlike. Many pans is not a chunk of steel welded to the bottom of the pan.

Comfortable Handle:

The ergonomic handle design is a testament to OXO’s commitment to user comfort. Crafted for a secure grip, the handle stays cool on the stovetop, mitigating the risk of burns and ensuring a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. This thoughtful design element adds an extra layer of convenience for users who value both comfort and safety in their kitchen tools. For those that have seen my review of the All-Clad frying pans you will remember the complaints about their handles. While they are heavier duty they just don’t have the same hand comfort as the OXO frying pans.

Versatile Design:

The OXO Softworks Frying Pan is a versatile kitchen companion, catering to various cooking techniques. From frying and sautéing to oven use (up to 390°F/200°C), this pan is designed to meet the diverse needs of home cooks. Its adaptability enhances its value, making it a go-to choice for different recipes and cooking styles.

Again, as we compare it to the the All-Clad non-stick, the sides are a more traditional frying pan edge making it easy to slide eggs out of the pan and onto a plate or on a piece of toast. Compared to the All-Clad there is also a flatter surface. It is not perfectly flat so things tend to roil closer to the edge but it will be a slow roll.

Dishwasher Safe:

So I always caution people not to put their non-stick pans in the dishwasher if they can help it. That being said, sometimes when there is a mess, the dishwasher it is. And these pans are dishwasher safe so feel free to put them in the dishwasher when you are done with them. If you are washing by hand I have found these are a little better at removing any fats or oils you use during cooking.

Slightly Heavier:

While the OXO Softworks Frying Pan excels in many aspects, some users have observed that it is slightly heavier compared to other nonstick frying pans in the market. While this might not be a deal-breaker for many, individuals who prefer lightweight cookware or have mobility concerns might find this aspect worth considering. I think they have a nice balance between having some weight to maintain heat and light enough they are easy to move around.

Customer Reviews:

So you don’t have to take my word, I did review some of the reviews on Amazon to see what other people thought of the product’s real-world performance, let’s explore the feedback from actual users on Amazon:

Positive Reviews:

Advanced Nonstick Coating Appreciation:

Users frequently express their satisfaction with the advanced nonstick coating, highlighting its effectiveness in facilitating easy cooking and cleaning.

Even Heat Distribution Praise:

The even heat distribution is a common positive theme in the reviews, emphasizing that it contributes to achieving consistently delicious and well-cooked meals.

Handle Comfort Commendation:

The ergonomic handle design receives praise for its comfort, with users appreciating the secure grip and the added safety of it remaining cool during cooking.

Critical Reviews:

Weight Consideration:

Some users mention the slightly heavier nature of the pan, noting that while it might not be an issue for all, those who prefer lightweight cookware should take this into account.

Desire for a More Lightweight Version:

A recurring theme in critical reviews is the desire for OXO to produce an even more lightweight version of this frying pan to cater to individuals with specific preferences.


In conclusion, the OXO Softworks 3-Layered Nonstick Frying Pan presents itself as a commendable choice for home cooks seeking a reliable and versatile kitchen companion. I would buy them again and I have had mine several years. Even better, you can get them in a 2 pack with a 10 inch and a 12 inch version. Use one to make bacon and the other to fry eggs.