If there is one thing I have learned about people that own induction ranges, these are people that love to cook. Why else would they spend that extra money on a range that is designed for very good control of the cook top and the oven. Given someone in your house or a friend loves to cook, in many ways it makes it easier to find gifts for these people.

Some of these gift ideas are specific to the induction range and some of them are for the cooking and food lover. All of these make great gifts the home chef will love.

Roasting Pan

Everyone needs a high quality roasting pan and really it is hard to beat Le Creuset when it comes to quality. The great thing about these roasting pans is because they are made of Cast Iron with an enameled covering. Because of the cast iron, they can be used on the induction cook top so when it is time to take that turkey out and make gravy, this roasting pan will work in the oven, as well as on an induction cook top. Because of the enamel surface, it is also easier to clean.

While they are expensive, the precision and quality of these roasting pans are second to none. There are no hot spots or high points to worry about and it comes with their lifetime warranty. If there is anything to worry about is they are cast iron and quite heavy.

The great thing about induction ranges is they don’t get hot. Now, the pan will heat up and make the surface hot where it sits, but everything else stays cool. But we always need a place to put spatulas and spoons and I love these silicon spoon holders. Easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about them scraping the glass cook top.

This is for the clean freak in me but I found this to put over the induction range when I am not using it. It keeps the dust and everything else off of it and easily folds up and out of the way. What I like about his is because I have a window behind my stove I can prop it up to keep the windows clean as well.

The great thing about induction cooktops is they heat things up really fast and really hot. Great for wok cooking. I find that stir frying vegetables is a dream when you don’t have to wait for the wok to heat up and this wok here is carbon steel and flat bottom to work on your induction stove top.

For all ovens and ranges

Below are a few items that all cooks love. Regardless of whether you have an induction range or not, these are things all chefs appreciate. The sale below is used in a lot of high end restaurants. It was made famous for me by Jamie Oliver as he uses it. It comes from the UK and the salt is very flat and is great for finishing.

A great cutting board is huge benefit. It keeps your knives sharp and having a lot of surface space to work on is fantastic. I like Maple cutting boards that are at least an inch thick. They are heavy but a dream to work on.

Any of these gifts will be appreciated by the budding chef in your household. And the great thing is almost all of these will last years with care compared to a lot of the throw away items that get bought these days. What do you think? Any gifts I am missing?