It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that induction cooktops are the future of cooking. They are convenient to use, faster, better, and definitely safer than regular electric stoves. Not to mention that they are super easy to clean and extremely hassle-free to use and operate.

If that’s the case, then why haven’t more people been out buying these induction cooktops? 

The first and only reason that comes to mind is the cookware. Because induction cooktops heat using electromagnetic waves, they only work with magnetic base cookware. That narrows down the search for the ideal cookware considerably and let’s not forget the added expense of buying additional utensils. Let’s just say that for something as big as a Dutch Oven, it might not be the greatest idea to have something else so similar lying around the house. 

But, there are numerous benefits associated with buying an induction-friendly dutch oven. To list a few:

  • Faster cooking
  • Better response to heat
  • Fewer chances of burning or overcooking food 
  • Easy to clean and handle

If all these amazing advantages have convinced you even the slightest bit to invest in a dutch oven, then please keep reading! To help you make your decision, we have put together a list of our five favorite dutch ovens that are not only the best available in the market today, but they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s get started!

The Best Dutch Oven for Induction Cooktop: Top 5

This buying guide focuses on bringing the best induction based dutch ovens to your kitchen in order to speed up your cooking and give you the most hassle-free experience. The guide includes links to all the products, making it extra easy for you to instantly add them to your cart and get them delivered to your home asap!

1. Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Lodge 6 Quart Dutch oven is available in a variety of beautiful colors that immediately catch your eye and make the product stand out amongst its competitors. It is also made with chip-resistant porcelain, which makes it sturdier and adds even more to its aesthetic value.

This dutch oven is extremely spacious and can accommodate a huge quantity of ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about spillage during cooking.

Alternatively, this dutch oven gives you the option to use it purely for marination purposes. How versatile and functional! It may look vintage, but it is more modern than you can imagine.


  • Product dimensions: 14 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 14.33 pounds
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Capacity: 5.6 Liters
  • Color: Blue
  • Shape: Round


  • Enameled cast iron body with smooth porcelain finish means you don’t have to season the cast iron 
  • Loop handles offers maximum grip and reduced accidents
  • Superior heat retention
  • Smooth glass finish
  • Can be used in the oven up to 500˚ F
  • Can be used to fry and sauté over any cooktop, including induction
  • Dishwasher safe 


  • May experience slight damage if washed too frequently
  • Porcelain coating inside may crack if routinely exposed to extremely high and then extremely cold temperatures
  • It is definitely heavy, and if you aren’t careful and drop it, you could damage your cooktop or even your floors

2. Amazon Basics Enameled Dutch Oven

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s own line of products they have manufactured directly for them. Amazon Basics have upped their cookware game with this enameled dutch oven. Available in four colors, this dutch oven is one of the best on the market, especially considering the price tag.

More importantly, it’s designed with a polished ceramic finish, loop side handles, and made to carry. The size is even plenty big enough to serve everyone at the next dinner party!


  • Product dimensions: 13.54 x 11.02 x 4.72 inches
  • Weight: 13.06 pounds
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Capacity: 6 Quarts
  • Color: Red
  • Shape: Round


  • Cast iron body allows for even heat distribution
  • Great value for money, especially considering the capacity and the versatility
  • Loop handles offer you the freedom to carry it around without spilling
  • Easy to clean and can be wiped off using a cotton cloth
  • Safe to braise or bake in the oven up to 400˚ F


  • Can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Enamel coating may come off after frequent cooking
  • Does not have a non-stick base

3. Best Choice Products Enameled Dutch Oven

If you are cooking for a huge dinner party, you need a dutch oven that not only has good capacity but will keep the food hot and fresh. The Best Choice Products dutch oven does that, and so much more, for you. 

This oven has a 6-quart capacity, which is great for huge gatherings and can be used on any kind of stove, including induction cooktops. The most amazing feature of this dutch oven is that its lid is made to seal around the oven in order to ensure that your food retains its flavour for a long time. 


  • Product dimensions: 14 x 11.25 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 16.7 pounds
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Capacity: 5.6 Liters
  • Color: Blue
  • Shape: Round


  • Ideal when cooking for large groups
  • Can be used on electric stoves, induction cooktops, grills, and ceramic tops
  • Oven safe and can be used up to 480˚ F
  • Made with a heavy-duty cast iron body with an enamel finish
  • Comes with a non-stick enamel interior
  • Exceptional heat conduction, retention, and distribution for reliable and fast cooking
  • Convenient to use and clean with loop handles on both sides
  • Sturdy lid that locks in the moisture and flavor


  • May get easily stained
  • Paint from the base might come off if used on a high temperature
  • Heavy

4. Bruntmor Enameled Dutch Oven

For those on a budget, the Bruntmore Enameled dutch oven is the one for you. With a vintage-inspired design and heavy-duty build, this just might be the oven of your dreams.

This dutch oven has a chip repellant, cast iron body and an enameled base that is ideal for baking, braising and sauteing. The self-basting condensation lid is truly a one-of-a-kind oven lid that keeps the moisture trapped for fresher tasting food. 


  • Product dimensions: 14.49 x 11.3 x 6.81 inches
  • Weight: 16.09 pounds
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Capacity: 6 Liters
  • Color: Fire Red
  • Shape: Round


  • Sturdy at an affordable price 
  • Easy to clean, PFOA and PTFE-free porcelain enamel cooking base 
  • Rimmed lid that helps keep the flavor and the freshness of the food
  • Safe to use at temperatures up to 500˚ F
  • Good capacity for large gatherings
  • Variety of colors to choose from


  • The enamel coating can blister and chip away if on medium heat, which is not an ideal scenario. 
  • As compared to other dutch ovens in a similar price range, this one is a little heavy and difficult to use considering the narrow side handles.
  • It’s a little expensive for the build quality, as the enamel coating is thinner than expected.

5. Epicurious Cookware Collection Dutch Oven

The Epicurious Cookware Collection is a well-known household name that is great at producing handy and budget-friendly, induction-based cookware. Their dutch oven incorporates a similar brand philosophy of bringing out the culinary artist in you.

This is a lightweight dutch oven with a vintage-looking lid that will keep your brews and braises fresh and flavorsome all day long. The capacity is big enough to cater to a huge gathering. What makes the dutch oven even more alluring is that it can be used over different kinds of stoves and is not only limited to an induction cooktop. So, the next time you’re planning to have a feast at home, we suggest you consider buying one of these for the amazing value it offers.


  • Product dimensions: 13.11 x 12.17 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 pounds
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Capacity: 5.6 Liters
  • Color: Red
  • Shape: Round


  • Beautiful, ergonomic design for easy handling and storage
  • Can be seamlessly transferred from the cooktop to the table for serving
  • Comes with an enamel-coated, toxin-free base for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Rimmed lid keeps the moisture and flavor intact
  • Sturdy cast iron body with a smooth finish imparts an aesthetically-pleasing look
  • Suitable for all kinds of stoves including ceramic tops, and induction cooktops


  • Enamel coating at the base may come off
  • Can easily break if it falls from a considerable height

Buying Guide

Our list was compiled to give you the chance to explore all your options based on your personal preferences. But, there are still a few points that need to be addressed before you go out and buy your dutch oven.

 In order to make the most informed decision, please continue to read the following guide, as we go step by step to address the most points you need to consider before making your decision. After all, all we want is to see you bake that soft bread and brew the perfect stew for your next gathering!

  • Value for money: All the dutch ovens on our list offer a lot in terms of functionality, convenience, and versatility for their price. However, there is one product that offers the best for the most affordable price. While the Amazon Basics Dutch Oven is the most economical of them all, it is not the best one to go for in the long run. Instead, we recommend the Epicurious Cookware Collection dutch oven. It is lightweight, has high-quality interiors, with a non-stick base that gives ceramic cookware a run for their money. It also offers great capacity for the price tag!
  • Design and structure: Design and structure might not be important to you now, but it may become important when you actually have to go and find a place to store your oven. That being said, it’s extremely important to shift your focus onto which dutch oven offers the best ergonomically value. In this case, the Lodge 6 Quart dutch oven is your best bet. It is lightweight, sturdy, has good enamel coating, great capacity, and can fit onto the smallest shelves thanks to its low knob lid. Another plus is that its glossy ceramic finish and stunning color will make it stand out from all the other appliances in your kitchen!
  • Capacity: The capacity of a dutch oven comes in handy when you have to cater to a large gathering. Imagine hosting a dinner party and not having enough food prepared for everyone. Or imagine a dutch oven too small to fit a chicken or leg of lamb. Capacity also plays an important role when it comes to cooking with huge amounts of oil. The Bruntmore Enameled dutch oven comes with a 6-liter capacity, which’s basically enough to feed a village! Cook, brew, bake, or braise, you can do everything in this masterpiece of an oven. 
  • Cooking base: People always prefer a cooking base that is free of toxins and does not scrape off easily, especially when it comes to enamel-coated interiors. Considering that, we place our bet on the Bruntmore Enameled dutch oven, which offers a PFOA- and PTFE-free porcelain enamel cooking base that is particularly great for cooking dishes with a great amount of oil. It might not perform as well as non-stick cookware or ceramic cookware, but it does perform pretty well overall. The Best Choice Products dutch oven also offers the same features, with the added addition of being non-stick cookware. You can’t go wrong with either option. 


Any cast iron cookware will work well with induction cooktops, but the goal is to find one that will last, cook better, and be big enough to fit anything you want to cook. But, always remember that everything is prone to damage if not handled carefully!

Even the most well-built appliances can break under pressure, so be extra careful while washing them. Always read the instructions carefully and make sure to wash the oven exactly how it says in the manual. Also, remember that not all cookwares are dishwasher safe and while some work up to 500˚ F, some only work up to 400.