If there is one thing I have discovered about people that buy induction ranges, is that they like to cook. And why wouldn’t they? Induction ranges are a dream to cook on. They are built heavier and more solid. And the one thing that always impressed me about induction ranges, is the fact that their ovens were the best ovens I ever used. They get very hot, the broilers work very well and the racks are pretty darn solid. Not only that, I found that the temperature stayed much more consistent compared to cheaper ovens where the temperature could very by almost 100 degrees

We moved into our condo in late September and November came around real fast for Thanksgiving. And of course, that means roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and all the fixings. And of course when it comes time to roasting a turkey, of course you need a roasting pan.

Your roasting pan doesn’t need to be induction compatible

To start out, the oven part of your induction range is a traditional electric oven with an electric heating element. The great thing about induction ranges is the heating element is not exposed which makes it easier to clean. that doesn’t necessarily matter, what does matter, is that your roasting pan doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be induction compatible. The oven warms up traditionally so if you just want an inexpensive roasting pan, that will work.

The reason you may want an induction compatible roasting pan, is for gravy. You know all those tasty pan drippings (fond at the french call it) are perfect for making gravy. And of course that means moving that roasting pan to the induction cooktop. The thing that is great for an induction cooktop is many times they allow you to bridge induction elements which means you can heat the entire roasting pan.

While I like the enameled cast iron roasting pans, I am not sure if you can use them on the range top. Some of them specifically say not for use on stove tops. Add on top of it, they are really heavy. Letting one of those fall and you might have a very expensive range top that needs to be fixed. Which means sticking with stainless steel. And not just any, but stainless steel that included a magnetic core.

If you need a sturdy, ready to use, roasting pan that is also induction compatible then this one from Cuisinart is the oen you should check out. Not only does it have sturdy handles and a rack for your bird, it also has a matching rack. And because it is induction compatible, you can remove the turkey with the handles on the rack, add your flower, corn starch or wine and make a tasty gravy or jus.

Now if you want something that is a little bit more heavy duty and includes a non-stick rack instead of a plain stainless steel rack, then the one below is what you should look at. Its save to over $600 degrees which means you can even use it on the grill if you want and not just in your oven.

Option for your induction range if you don’t roast much

Now if you are not roasting that much or really don’t want to spend that much or don’t have the space for these pans, I get it. They are big and they take up a lot of room. I also know that many times, once a year is all you roast. That was the way with us, once a year, either Christmas or Thanksgiving we had family over, but the rest of the time, we were at other peoples houses. If that is the case, then just get disposable ones like the one below.

The great thing is we can just throw those in with recycling and not have to worry about cleanup. And since you get three you can make a big thing of potatoes, lasagna or stuffing and it makes clean up easier.

I encourage you to using your oven and not just the stove top. You will find you can make great turkeys, chickens, roasts and other baked goods. Let us know what roasting pan you use and why.