If you are a home chef, then you start to appreciate little things that make you feel more professional in your cooking, or make things easier. I learned about Induction cooking, completely by accident. In addition to having a restaurant client that used commercial induction cooktops for one of their concepts, I married an asian girl that liked to do Hotpot at home. So I started out with a portable induction cooker and then when we remodeled our condo, I spent the extra dollars for a full induction range from KitchenAid.

Better Range for Less Money

Now when I tell people this, it is actually a surprise. Induction ranges are frankly, expensive. But I then ask them, compared to what? Is it more expensive than a coil top stove? You bet it is, but compared to something like a Wolf or Viking range, it is quite a bargain. Not only do you get a high quality stove top but the ovens are top of the line for their models that include convection functionality, a broiler that really can broil and the heating elements are hidden making it easy to clean the oven inside. So yes, $2,000 is more than $600 but significantly less than the $4,000 to $6,000 a Viking range will cost you.

Better Every Day Cooking

While whipping up a full on feast for your family is a joy in a fully stocked kitchen, most times we are using it to cook eggs, boil water and bake a pie. I love that I can boil a pot of water in no time flat. I like that my pans heat up super fast and I love that I have a broiler that actually works. And then when I need the fancy functionality, I have those as well. But for every day cooking, it is a joy to work with.


This surprises people but according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 44,000 people went to the emergency room due to burns from their ranges and stoves. Now the great thing is, because they use magnets, the cooktops don’t really get as hot as a gas range or normal coil or radiant range. What I also like is that the cooktop, because of how the controls are situated, the pots and pans sit further back meaning it is harder to bump or pull them off the front of the stove. Great for kids, great for your elderly parents.

Easy to Clean

I love how easy it is to clean an induction range. When I cook on my moms gas stove, it’s a whole process where I have to remove the grates, clean around the burners, try and wipe off the grates and return them. No need to do that with an induction cooktop. Even the oven is easy to clean. Because the heating element is not exposed on the bottom, you just pore a cup of water in and cook it, it then cleans the bottom and loosens the built on gunk. Cheap ovens make it so hard to cook.

I Would Buy an Induction Range Again

A lot of people ask if I would buy an induction range again and the answer is yes I would. While it is not perfect it does provide a nice balance and value compared to cheaper ranges and the more expensive premium ones. So if you are on the fence, I say go for it, especially if you can get a good deal or package. What do you think, what do you like about induction cooking>