Induction range owners are lucky compared to most range owners. The fact is, induction ranges and stoves are never low priced. They are usually over $1,000 and in fact, mine from KitchenAid was close to $2,000. You are probably wondering, why am I lucky to spend so much on a range?

What you get with those fancy electronics and magnets, you also get a darn good oven. In fact, I am in an AirBNB as I write this with an inexpensive stove. The oven doesn’t get super hot. The broiler barely broils. I was used to this for a long time but when I got my induction range, that thing got up to 500 degrees with no issues. I had to be careful because the broiler almost acted like an industrial salamander in a restaurant.

Pizza Needs Dry Heat

If you go to a pizza shop, whether we are talking about a brick fire oven or the more traditional turntables, the ability to get hot is key. Many dedicated pizza ovens can get between 800 to 1000 degrees which means you get a pizza cooked hot and crispy.

Mainly, besides heat, you are looking for consistency. That is why its always a BRICK fire oven. not just a wood oven, but a brick fire oven. The bricks themselves serve several purposes.

First, they hold heat consistent. Most ovens cycle on or off which means your temperatures can be all over the place. And different parts of your oven can have different temperatures as well. To the point that you can have different textures of a single pizza depending where that portion of the pizza sits. The bricks help radiate heat, even when the oven cycles on and off.

Crispy Pizza

That crispy pizza you love comes from a variety of things. It comes from the high heat. It comes from consistent heat. But it also comes from sitting on a super hot stone.

That super hot stone make that crust crispy just like you had in Naples.

Make your induction stove a pizza oven

So the best way to convert it is to get yourself a pizza stone. In fact, I would not get just one, I would actually get two. One to sit on the bottom of the oven and radiate up, and a second one to go on the rack. Having two pizza stones will make the temperature that much more consistent. You even get the added benefit of using the stone in the oven, even if you are not working on pizza. You could use it for bread or even cooking a turkey and making sure the oven temperate stays consistent.

So take a look at Amazon and order two while you are at it. That way you can get that nice crispy pizza you are looking for.