If there is one issue with induction cooktops is when you start getting into speciality cookware, your options become a lot more restricted. Hopefully as time goes on and induction cooktops become more common, it will be easier to find the speciality cookware we want.

Who doesn’t love crepes

Most people look at crepes as something sweet but I have come to appreciate savory crepes with thin slices of ham, eggs and cheese. Add in some spinach and you have a fairly healthy and filling lunch or dinner. Last time I was in Seattle I found a little crepe stand I would use for my lunches as it was quick and I could carry it with me.

Cooking Crepes at Home

If you want to cook crepes at home, you could use a normal frying pan but a pan specifically made for cooking crepes is ideal. With its lower sides it makes it much easier to get your thin spatula underneath the crepe to flip it the way you want. But when I started looking for crepe pans, I had a hard time finding ones that were induction compatible. Almost all of them were made from aluminum without a ferrous plate to make them compatible with your induction range.

Le Creuset Non-Stick Crepe Pan

The first crepe pan I found is from Le Creuset. Unlike their normal cast iron pans this one is aluminum with an attached induction base so it will work on your induction range. And to make sure I did check the Le Creuset website to ensure it is induction compatible.

The great thing is it is non-stick has a great ergonomic handle and even includes the crepe spreader.

Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Crepe Pan

If you don’t want an aluminum and prefer to have a stainless steel tri-ply crepe pan this next selection is for you. Sometimes stainless steel is better since it is a little heavier and maintains heat better. If that is what you are looking for this crepe pan by Cuisinart is the one for you.

This has the typical french high arching handles and ironically is (at the time of this writing) a little less expensive than the Le Creuset.

Either will work for you

I wish I could recommend something less expensive but the off brands I haven’t used before so I don’t want to recommend them to you. I currently use an Oxo that I can not find anywhere so if I have to replace it, one of these is what I will replace it with.