If you are like me, when you got your new induction range, you bought a tri-ply stainless steel cookware set. And while these are not only great and very durable, most of them do not include a non-stick frying pan. Initially I bought a non-stick set from All Clad that included an 8 inch 10 inch skillet. And while I like them, I had issues with frying things like bacon. I could use the 10 inch pan but at best I could fry only 4 pieces at a time.

Eventually I will get a griddle pan but right now it is lower on the list of things I need. Instead I need a very versatile, larger frying pan, and one with a lid would be great. So given how much I liked the smaller pans, I ordered the same All Clad Hard Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Frying pan.

Is the All Clad HA1 Induction Compatible

The short answer is yes, it is induction compatible. I was able to confirm this in two completely different ways. First, I looked on the box and in several areas it told me it was induction compatible.


So if you are buying this in a store, easy, just look on the box and it should tell you if it is induction compatible. Simple, but if you are still not sure, I used a small kitchen magnet and placed it on the plate to see if it stuck. In this case it did telling me that the induction plate would work on the induction range.

Initial thoughts on the HA1

It is important to understand that unlike the All Clad try-ply stainless cookware sets, this is not made in the USA. While it is designed in the USA, it is actually manufactured in China. This is most likely how they were able to get the price point so low. That being said, it still comes with All Clad’s lifetime warranty and a company like All Clad needs to stand by their products to maintain their stellar reputation.

This frying pan is significantly larger than the other two frying pans of the same design. I feel like I could fry a good 6 pieces bacon or do my Cauliflower rice without making a complete and utter mess. It has the same riveted handles as you see on the other frying pans. The lid is a  high quality tempered glass lid with riveted stainless steel handle. It also includes an additional utility handle on the other side.

Thoughts on the handles

When you read the reviews, you sometimes see people complaining about the handle on the All Clad Anodized aluminum pans. For someone like me that grips the handles from below (my palm facing up) I have no issues with these handles. They fit nicely in my hand and allow me to move the pan easily. But if you are a person that tends to grab the handles more from the side, you will not like them.

The good thing is the handles stay cool to the touch  and allows you to put the pans in the oven up to $500 degrees. Also, here in Hawaii, for some reason the silicon handles get sticky and gunky over time so I prefer handles without silicon. Finally, because it has an additional utility handle, turning the handle around and using that may be easier for you.

Cooking with the All Clad HA1

I have been pleased with this pan from the first time I cooked with it. It sits very flat against the range meaning you are getting nice even heat throughout. And working on an induction range, it heats up fast. Cooking eggs with the lid allows me to cook them sunny side up instead of over easy. Also, I can cook bacon with the lid ajar so I don’t get grease splatters.

The only thing that bugs me about this pan (and the others in the range) is while the bottom is really flat, the top (interior) seems to be slightly higher in the center compared to the sides so I notice that all the oil leaves out of the center and goes towards the edges. Given that I don’t use a ton of oil or butter this is not a big deal for me. And when it comes to searing steaks, having the butter go to the edges makes it easier for basting. But it is important to notice that one thing.

Finally, this will not replace your wok. The sides only are about 2 inches high so its hard to do a traditional stir fry if that is what you are looking for. If you want a stir fry pam, take a look at my post on best woks for an induction range.


Over All Impressions of the All Clad HA1

Over all I like this frying pan. It is not as nice as All Clad’s top of the line model but for the price has a lot of value, This includes a large frying surface, a lid and a great price, less than $100. If you don’t have issues with handles and the shape, then go ahead and buy this pan. In fact, I would even go so far as to spend the extra money on this versus the smaller pans as it is much more versatile.